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Who We Are

TeachOakland is comprised of teachers and leaders working to improve public education in Oakland. TeachOakland is a project of schools across the city, who are uniting to recruit teacher talent to our city. We believe our student deserve brilliant, hard-working, and deeply committed educators from many backgrounds. Which is why we’re joining together to expand our recruitment reach through TeachOakland.

The mission of TeachOakland is to help retain and recruit the most talented educators for Oakland public schools. We believe that such educators should reflect the diversity of their students, believe deeply in the potential of every student to achieve, understand the importance of equity in achieving quality public education for all, and recognize the role community plays in helping support schools and students.

TeachOakland envisions a thriving, collaborative community of educators – teachers, school leaders, school support staff, administrators, community members, parents, grandparents, guardians, graduates, and of course students – that collectively support great public education for all of Oakland.

If you’re ready to join a dynamic, fun, and growing community, we’re ready to welcome you in to TeachOakland.

Our Beginnings

Oakland attracts brilliant, hard-working, and deeply committed educators. We’ve come from many backgrounds, worked at every level of the public education system from the classroom to administrative leadership, taught in both school district and public charters, from grassroots to national networks.

In 2015, OUSD, local charter organizations and the County came together to form the Oakland Public Schools Equity Pledge, a city-wide partnership to create a public education system that works in the best interests of all students and their families, by disrupting inequity and cultivating excellence in our schools.

As part of this partnership, a Talent Working Group formed, which led a pilot unified marketing and recruitment campaign in 2017 to recruit the best from within and to Oakland, as well as support those in the profession who want to grow and improve.

We worked with Oaklandish to develop the brand with input from diverse teachers across the city. That is how TeachOakland was born.