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Whether you’re moving to the area, or an Oakland native, there are some important things to know about housing in the city. We’ve gathered some resources below to help you navigate finding a place to call home in Oakland.

Looking to make a move? Check out this helpful Wiki on the diverse neighborhoods that Oakland has to offer.

Oakland Neighborhoods Overview
Oakland Neighborhood + districts

Helpful Resources for Renters

Craigslist is the largest source of housing for rent in Oakland. Tip: expand the Neighborhoods tab on the left and select specific Oakland neighborhoods/regions to search.

Rent and Income Limits for housing assistance

City of Oakland Rent Adjustment Program: Information on rental disputes, rent increases and referrals to eviction resources

City of Oakland Housing Resource Center: A one-stop shop for housing services and resource referral for Oakland homeowners and tenants

Helpful Resources for Homebuyers

Housing prices in Oakland, by neighborhood

City of Oakland First Time Homebuyer Mortgage Assistance Program assists low and moderate income first time homebuyers.

US Department of Housing & Urban Development Good Neighbor Next Door program, offering teachers a discount of 50% from the list price eligible homes in return for a commitment to live in the property for 36 months.

City of Oakland Housing Counseling resources

Helpful Resources for Home Owners

Housing Repair and Rehabilitation Programs
Foreclosure prevention information