I need a teaching credential

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Oakland needs diverse, committed, phenomenal teachers. There are many pathways to becoming a teacher. We know it can be confusing – so here are some tips and resources to help you get started. Then, explore Oakland school operators in the Apply for Jobs link and reach out to them directly to get coaching on becoming a teacher.

First a brief description of the types of CA credentials issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC):

Common Pathways into Teaching

Already have a Bachelor’s?

You have a few options:

With a Bachelor’s degree, you may be hired on an intern credential and teach on a temporary permit for one year, after which you must enroll in a credential program to continue teaching and earn your preliminary credential.

Enroll in a teaching credential program full-time, complete student teaching, and then begin teaching with your preliminary credentialThere are many credential program options in the Bay Area (see our summary document below).

Enroll in a residency program and learn to teach in a master teacher’s classroom while you’re earning your preliminary credential. Teach your own classroom in Year 2.

Check out these resources and reach out to school operators

to get 1:1 coaching and assistance determining the right pathway for you.

School Operators

What are the CA credential requirements?


What do I need to know about required tests?

CBEST Cheat Sheet
CSET Cheat Sheet

Which credential programs can I enroll in? We compiled this summary look at credential programs for teachers in Oakland and the Bay Area:

Credential Programs Summary Page